Improving AML Detection: How to Think Like a Bad Guy Webinar Recording


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This webinar is part of our Spring 2023 BSA/AML Series along with Top 10 BSA/AML Issues in 2023 and How to Prepare for Them and Managing Russian Sanctions in a Dynamic Sanctions Environment .  For a discounted rate on the series of recordings CLICK HERE.


The challenges of detecting illicit finance have changed significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of check-the-box programs to protect your organization. Now, regulatory activities are more focused on “outcome-based enforcement.” Join us to ensure your program can handle the new detection reality and is running as efficiently as possible. You’ll come away from this two-hour session understanding how the bad guys think and with new concepts to make your program more nimble and effective.


  • Examine the challenges of AML programs and learn how to minimize those risks.
  • Understand the concepts of “hybrid threat” finance detection.
  • Delve into Inherent Risk Environments (IRE) and the Global Threat Landscape (GTL).
  • Gain actionable best practices from a real-life case study.
  • Leverage typologies for successful program management.


This recording will be most useful for those working in compliance and focusing on AML, BSA, and anti-financial crimes.