Spring 2023 BSA/AML 3 Part Recording Series


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Our Spring 2023 BSA/AML 3 Part Recording Series covers some challenging BSA/AML topics in three recorded webinars at a reduced rate. For details on individual recordings please see below.

Top 10 BSA/AML Issues in 2023 and How to Prepare for Them

Emerging threats and financial crime trends, geopolitical unrest, and economic uncertainty are presenting unique challenges to BSA and AML programs.

View this recording for the latest insights into BSA/AML challenges in 2023. In this recording we’ll discuss AMLA 2020, new Executive Orders, cybersecurity directives, and how to prepare for financial crime trends that may impact your institution.


  • The top 10 trending topics in AML and BSA this year.
  • How your organization may need to adjust for emerging threats.
  • The current regulatory landscape and upcoming issues domestically.
  • Global financial crime trends and how they could impact your FI.
  • How to prepare effectively for a dynamic environment.
  • Actionable steps to for managing coming changes and ensuring ongoing readiness.

Improved AML Detection: How to Think Like a Bad Guy

The challenges of detecting illicit finance have changed significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of check-the-box programs to protect your organization. Now, regulatory activities are more focused on “outcome-based enforcement.” Join us to ensure your program can handle the new detection reality and is running as efficiently as possible. You’ll come away from this two-hour session understanding how the bad guys think and with new concepts to make your program more nimble and effective.


  • Examine the challenges of AML programs and learn how to minimize those risks.
  • Understand the concepts of “hybrid threat” finance detection.
  • Delve into Inherent Risk Environments (IRE) and the Global Threat Landscape (GTL).
  • Gain actionable best practices from a real-life case study.
  • Leverage typologies for successful program management.

Managing Russian Sanctions in a Dynamic Sanctions Environment

Know Your Customer (KYC) and effective Customer Due Diligence (CDD) are pillars of a good AML program. Sanctions programs are a key part of that ecosystem and in the current dynamic sanctions environment, change is a constant. Designed to help you keep up with the ongoing changes, this livestreaming session examines concepts like perpetual KYC, Russian sanctions, and other emerging CDD topics.


  • Get an overview of the current sanctions landscape.
  • Take an in-depth look at Russian sanctions and the 50% rule.
  • Find out how to leverage sanctions as a part of your customer risk rating (CRR).
  • Learn how Perpetual KYC will impact your organization.
  • Come away with preparation techniques for dynamic change environments.