We’re Overwhelmed with Questions about the Section 1071 Final Rule

Compliance officers from around the country have overwhelmed us with questions about the final Small Business Data Collection and Reporting requirements from Section 1071 of Dodd-Frank.

Since March 30th we’ve been fielding these questions, researching answers, and providing them to our training clients and Compliance Masters Group subscribers.

We thought our blog subscribers might also find this helpful and would like to share with you a free, on-demand Q & A session answering 10 of the most common SBDC questions we’ve received so far. When you access the session, you’ll also receive a list of more than 30 questions and answers covering everything from how Section 1071 requirements interact with other regulations to operational best practices.

Also, visit the Section 1071 Resource page for the latest training, webinars, and free tools for the Small Business Data Collection and Reporting requirements.

If you have a question not listed in the Q&A, feel free to post it to the Forum and we’ll get you an answer as soon as we can.