On January 15, 2017 we penned an article entitled Worth Watching – BOA Discrimination Case. The article reviewed what appeared to be fairly egregious ethnicity discrimination practices engaged in by a few Bank of America employees in the Charleston, SC market. The article concluded with the following questions:

  • Will BOA settle?
  • If the case makes it to court how will the court rule when the victims are testers and will any significant damages be awarded?

Well BOA settled. The case did not make it to court, but BOA paid a sizable amount to settle the case.
On May 19, Bank of America and the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) announced an agreement to support homeownership in Charleston, South Carolina.
Under the terms of the agreement, Bank of America will invest in efforts designed to increase Latino homeownership in Charleston, including $50,000 donations to Metanoia and Origin SC, two Charleston area organizations. The $100,000 will be used for down payment and closing cost assistance for Latino homebuyers in the Charleston area. Bank of America will also give NFHA $336,380 in support of NFHA’s mission of ensuring equal housing opportunity.
Bank of America said it rejected all of the allegations in the complaint and voluntarily entered into the agreement with NFHA to resolve the matter.
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