May 10, 2016 is a monumental day for me. Forty years ago I began my banking career as an examiner for the FDIC.
Every generation of bankers I have worked with says this new compliance stuff has taken the fun out of banking. Then that generation takes on the pile of new requirements, masters them, and makes them a part of the new daily routine.
I had the privilege of working with some really great men in the early days of my career. (Note: If you were running a bank in the mid-70s is was fairly certain that you were a man.) I have also had the privilege of working with the sons and daughters, and grandsons and granddaughters of some those same great men. I don’t know if banking skills are inherited or learned from the prior generations, but these days I hear a bunch of really talented young bankers saying that these TRID regulations have taken all of the fun out of banking.
It has been a pleasure serving multiple generations of bankers for the past forty years.