On November 23, 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published minor edits to the Filing Instructions Guide for HMDA Data Collected in 2021 (FIG). The 2021 version of the FIG was initially published in August 2020. Subsequent changes were made in:
August 2020              Section 3.4, Table 2 – Updated Automated Underwriting System valid values;
September 2020       Section 3.4, Table 2 – Added and updated Automated Underwriting System valid values;
Section 4.2.2 – Corrected date listed in code b of the GMI visual observation or surname fields;
October 2020            Section 5.3, Table 6 – Updated Automated Underwriting System value in edit V696; and
November 2020        Section 5.3, Table 8 and Section 5.3, Table 7 – Reclassified macroquality edits Q656 and Q657 as quality edits.