I got a call from one of my Compliance Master Group (CMG) members yesterday. I hear from her occasionally. She was confirming that she had reached the correct conclusion on an issue that she had researched.
It hasn’t always worked that way. Years ago she called very frequently with basic questions; she didn’t have a clue where to find the answers.
After we discussed her issue yesterday she shared with me that they had just gotten a great exam report and rating. She was obviously proud of the accomplishment. She wanted to give me and the CMG credit for the successful exam. I told her I would gladly accept some small portion of the credit, but that I knew the real story.
I have watched her grow and learn over a number of years. Today she has a real depth of knowledge. She has surrounded herself with a strong team. She is a success story.
Watching people grow and succeed is one of the many things I love about the business I am in. She didn’t communicate it to me at the time, but years ago she decided she was going to be good at this compliance stuff, and bit by bit over a number of years she has accomplished her goal. It has been a pleasure watching her succeed.