CFPB Presentation
Steven Antonakes, CFPB’s Deputy Director for Supervision, was the luncheon speaker at the ABA’s Regulatory Compliance Conference today. He delivered a very positive message about the state of the compliance industry. He was also soliciting job applicants from the podium. Reportedly the ABA is requesting a commission for any successful hires resulting from RCC contacts.
Unloved Vendors
The ABA does an admirable job of routing RCC attendees through the Marketplace. An unofficial survey of several attendees revealed that many have techniques for avoiding the clutches of vendors. “Don’t make eye contact,” is the suggestion of one banker. Advice from another savvy convention goer is, “Don’t sign up for any drawings. They drive you crazy once they get your contact information.” My reply, as I looked them in the eye, “Can I have your business card? Is this your current email address?”
Bourbon Street Antidote
A great alternative to the sights and smells of Bourbon Street is the sights and smells of the Garden District. Beautiful homes and gardens line the streets of this lovely section of New Orleans. One of the best stops in the Garden District is Commander’s Palace. This gem serves some of the best food in the nation. Service is impeccable. Reservations are generally needed. There is a dress code. This isn’t Bourbon Street.