The New CRA – Four Part Series Webinar Recordings


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The final rule implementing CRA Modernization is massive, coming in at 1500 pages, and introduces significant changes to CRA. It is critical to get started on the right foot and have a thorough understanding of how CRA Modernization will impact your institution.

This comprehensive four-part on-demand series (SIX HOURS OF TRAINING) is designed to demystify the changes to CRA and provide a pathway to compliance with CRA Modernization’s final rule. You’ll come away with the tools to create an effective, sustainable CRA compliance program.

Part One:
Introduction and Overview of the New Regulation
– Come away with a thorough knowledge of the law and what will be expected of your institution going forward.

Part Two:
The New 11 Categories for Community Development
– Examine the new categories for community development and how they can be put into practice in your community.

Part Three:
The Three New Assessment Areas and Performance Evaluations
– Find out more about the new assessment areas, what they mean for your FI, and how they impact evaluations.

Part Four:
Data Collection, Reporting, and Disclosures
– Take a closer look at data collection and reporting protocols under the new regulation and review what ought to be disclosed  and changes to the public file.

When you view this series, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of CRA Modernization, its breadth, and how it impacts your institution. You’ll also come away with insight into implementation timelines and impacts to current CRA programs, as well as a detailed manual that can serve as a handbook long after you’ve completed the series.

Who Should Attend:

The program is designed for loan officers, compliance officers, CRA officers, loan department staff, bank counsel and auditors