Marketing and Advertising Compliance: How to and Best Practices (Three Part Series) Webinar Recording




In today’s financial landscape, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is paramount. However, amidst the drive for business growth, overlooking compliance standards (especially regarding FDIC Insurance coverage and UDAAP/UDAP and Section 5, FTC) can be perilous. There has been a significant shift in regulatory enforcement, rendering previously acceptable practices problematic. Don’t let compliance requirements slip through the cracks in the rush to attract and retain clients.

This 3-part on-demand series delves into the intricate web of marketing and advertising compliance requirements. We’ll dissect UDAP/UDAAP aspects, explore technicalities of deposit and loan regulations, and unravel the complexities of marketing program-specific rules. From navigating privacy regulations to digital media, we cover it all.

As the compliance landscape grows increasingly intricate, vigilance is key. Our series offers practical guidance to ensure your strategies align with regulatory expectations.

Part One 

Unravel the nuances of UDAP/UDAAP requirements in our first session. Gain clarity on what constitutes abusive practices and learn how to steer clear of regulatory pitfalls.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Enforcement actions and recommendations
  • Mitigating sales practices and conduct risks
  • Navigating native advertising challenges
  • Insight into upcoming regulations such as DFA 1033
  • Social media best practices for compliance

Part Two

Dive deeper into compliance essentials, including Reg. DD requirements, FDIC official advertising standards, and FCRA prescreening obligations. Navigate the intricacies of marketing campaigns while adhering to privacy regulations and fraud prevention protocols.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Privacy considerations in marketing campaigns
  • Guidance on using testimonials effectively
  • Regulatory compliance in social media marketing
  • Mitigating risk in non-deposit investment product sales
  • Ensuring compliance with email, text, and fax regulations

Part Three

Explore Fair Housing Act rules, fair lending considerations, and geographical restrictions. Understand the nuances of Truth in Lending requirements and digital redlining issues to ensure your marketing efforts uphold regulatory standards.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Navigating Truth in Lending/Reg. Z requirements
  • Addressing digital redlining concerns
  • Compliance considerations in online marketing to children
  • Ensuring adherence to SAFE Act disclosure requirements

Regulators and examiners are intensifying their scrutiny on advertising and marketing practices like never before. Stay ahead of the curve by joining us for an in-depth exploration of current requirements and invaluable insights into maintaining compliance. Elevate your marketing strategies while maintaining compliance with our comprehensive webinar series.


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