Considering a Fintech Partnership? Compliance Do’s & Don’ts Webinar Recording


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Fintech remains one of the buzziest trends in the industry and no financial institution wants to be left behind. If your FI is considering a fintech partnership, this 2-hour on-demand session will help you navigate the process by discussing the main goals of a successful bank fintech partnership and outlining compliance requirements. We discuss some of the most common hurdles and recommend best practices to overcome them.

Join us to:

  • Learn how and why regulators are examining fintech innovations with extra scrutiny.
  • Identify which regulations, new and old, that potential fintech partners should be prioritizing.
  • Gain tips for vetting fintech partners based on your FI’s risk tolerance, as well as larger business goals.
  • Find out how to assess a fintech’s compliance policies to determine if they will be able to comply with your FI’s own legal and regulatory standards.
  • Understand the most important elements of a fintech’s information and security framework from a KYC and AML perspective.