Artificial Intelligence (AI): How Compliance Can Leverage Its Use Webinar Recording




The slides and recording access document will be available for download immediately via email upon purchase.

AI is changing the landscape in regulatory compliance. When applied properly, it can help us in various functions in compliance and enable us to identify potential issues more efficiently.

In this session, we discuss how your compliance department can leverage AI to reduce regulatory risk. You’ll learn how AI can optimize how you monitor and report your compliance programs, track regulatory changes, and streamline processes.

In addition to discussing specific use cases for AI in regulatory compliance, when you join us you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Artificial Intelligence and how it can be applied to regulatory compliance.
  • The benefits and, more importantly, the risks, of utilizing AI in compliance.
  • Which AI tools are right for your institution.

The more you understand about AI, the more effectively you’ll be able to put it to work for you. Upon completing this training, you’ll come away with actionable best practices for limiting your institution’s regulatory exposure and optimizing processes and procedures through AI.