ACH for Operations: Nailing the Essentials Webinar Recording


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The ACH Network is not the same old network – it’s changed, it’s new and improved! There are now options and new opportunities. In this 90-minute information-filled on-demand session, you will discover the fundamentals of how ACH electronic payments work and the roles that each participant in the ACH network plays to make ACH payments effective, efficient and inexpensive.

You’ll come away from this session with a thorough understanding of:

  • The 5 essentials participants in ACH and each of their roles in the processing of ACH electronic payments
  • How the ACH Basics have changed since the implementation of Same Day ACH (SDA)
  • Details on the settlement processes for both Legacy ACH and Same Day ACH
  • The difference between “Legacy ACH” and “Same Day ACH”
  • Funds Availability defined for all types of transactions
  • Discussion on different payment types and options available
  • The basic legal framework of the ACH network
  • The most common types of payments that flow through the ACH network and how your FI can deal with them

This on-demand session has been carefully crafted for those working in Banking Operations, Compliance and Risk, Treasury Management, as well as current and aspiring AAP’s (accredited ACH professionals), bank leadership, and audit personnel.

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