On March 11, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a Pandemic. In a mere 21 days the world has changed for everyone, for some more than others. In some states the Pandemic is in the surge stage and is reaching the apex of the curve. Hopefully, the curve will soon begin to decline. In other states the acceleration phase is just getting started. Right now your primary concern is just getting through the crisis. After Corona (AC), we expect a multi-year hangover as we recover from quick decisions made in the middle of a crisis. We are working with our customers to provide the answers now that will lessen the hangover that follows the crisis.
Right now, during Corona (DC), we are taking steps to make coping with the crisis less burdensome.

  1. We have increased the number of connections available for each registrant for webinars and members for Compliance Masters Group meetings, at no additional charge, to accommodate those working remotely. Five connections are available with each registration or membership.
  2. We have created a Pandemic Related Issues Forum where questions about compliance issues related to Pandemic relief can be posted for quick answers, and information and solutions devised by bankers can be shared with other bankers.
  3. We have conducted two webinars related to the Pandemic:
  1. We have created a Pandemic Bundle package consisting of the two aforementioned webinar recordings, two manuals, two PowerPoint Presentations, a Director/Senior Management Update, and a Policy Update. (total package value of $450 for $295. That’s over a 30% savings)
  2. Compliance Resource will announce later this week the availability of a recording of an interview that Jack Holzknecht is conducting with Eric Collinsworth, one of the nation’s top appraisal experts, about Property Appraisal and Valuation Issues during the Pandemic.

Our team is working hard to help our customers navigate through these tough times.  If you have questions please reach out. Visit the forum, post your questions, but also take time to share advice, let others know what is working for you, and share insight about what you have learned.
We’ll leave you with a quote from author, Ken Blanchard, “None of us are as smart as ALL of us.”
Stay healthy. Stay safe.