Life on the road often brings surprises, last week more so than usual. On Wednesday evening I was travelling from a seminar in Tulsa to Oklahoma City. It was a race to see who or what would arrive first – our car or the storm. The car finished first
That evening the Oklahoma City area was hit be more than a dozen tornadoes. I tried to keep up with the breaking weather news as I sat in my hotel room with the storm sirens blaring in the background, but the hotel lost cable service several times that night. At first the news was all about the tornadoes. When the news came back on the big story was the first ever Flash Flood Emergency for Oklahoma City. When the cable was restored again the big story was tigers and other exotic animals, released by the storms, roaming the streets of the city. I turned the TV off. I was afraid of what might come next.
I thought the movie title Sharknado was so outrageous no one would watch it. Now Tigernado seems realistic.