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    If we make a loan on a mobile home that is going to be placed in a trailer park, so not on a perm foundation, is it still considered affixed because it’s hooked up to utiltites and probably on conrete blocks /pillars? I’m having a hard time finding out the definition of “affixed”. We are having the debate here on whether or not we need a flood determination on this type of mobile home.


    Section 3, General Rules of the Flood Insurance Manual, May 2013 states:

    To be insurable under the NFIP, a mobile home:
    ••Must be affixed to a permanent foundation.
    A permanent foundation for a manufactured
    (mobile) home may be poured masonry slab
    or foundation walls, or may be piers or block
    supports, either of which support the mobile
    home so that no weight is supported by the
    wheels and axles of the mobile home.
    ••Must be anchored if located in a Special
    Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). For flood insurance
    coverage, all new policies and subsequent
    renewals of those policies must be based
    upon the specific anchoring requirements
    identified below:
    A manufactured (mobile) home located within
    an SFHA must be anchored to a permanent
    foundation to resist flotation, collapse, or
    lateral movement by providing over-the-top or
    frame ties to ground anchors; or in accordance
    with manufacturer’s specifications; or in
    compliance with the community’s floodplain
    management requirements.


    Thank you very much for the information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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