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    Regarding the questions you posed today about the group. I feel the other topics that have been discussed in this group have been invaluable. We have gotten a lot more than just Dodd-Frank and it has been very helpful. I feel these have helped to keep us abreast of any compliance items that are hot topics also. I would like to see the group continue even after Dodd-Frank is done. At that time I feel a change in name would be good. I like the ring of Jack’s Master Group. A gathering of members is a good idea too. It is always good to be able to put a face with a name.


    I have gained a wealth of knowledge participating in this group only a few short months. As busy as everyones schedules are these days it has become much more convenient and cost effective to participate in online/web based training. Unfortunately by doing that you lose the networking opportunities. In participating in this group I believe you gain that networking and even better it is regular; and not once or twice a year.

    I think it would be helpful to discuss other topics that are hot buttons (e.g. BSA risk assessments, Compliance Program Management, etc.). I vote for this group to stay intact even after Dodd-Frank. The name of the group “Jack’s Compliance Resource Master Group.”

    Jack thank you for taking the initiative to start these group. I especially appreciate all you & Amy do to prepare for these meetings and for the wealth of information and assistance you provide. Thank you for helping us stay on top of things and helping us manage and muddle through the murky waters of Compliance.


    This group has just been wonderful for me! With the amount of regulatory information bombarding us each and every day, this group helps me to stay focused on the topics that are at the forefront and not get lost in the small stuff (although equally important!) I definitely would like for the group to remain intact after Dodd Frank (will it really ever end?!) as the information we receive really helps me to organize my compliance management program. I would vote for a name change as well; we discuss so much more than just what is coming out of Dodd Frank. I am not picky regarding a name but do believe Jack’s name should be in it as he puts a ton of work into this group and making us successful!

    I have encouraged other compliance individuals to take a look at the free webinar offers that Jack and Amy are providing as this group really has become my “go to” source for compliance knowledge and assistance! Thanks Jack and Amy for all you do! You make our lives much easier in the crazy regulatory world we live in!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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