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    Everyone please let us know who you want us to bet on for the Kentucky Derby. We will go with the horse that the majority of our CMG members choose. I’ve been leaning towards Gemologist all week long because I liked the name, and now it got the 15th post position too which I hear is pretty good. The horse is a favorite which I usually don’t like to pick, but we will see. I also saw Dullahan and Hansen at the Keeneland Race Track for the Bluegrass Stakes, and they finished that race 1st and 2nd. I love long shots though and I watched Liasion warm-up on Monday morning so those 4 are probably my favorites. Share your tips and tell us your picks!


    I have to admit that I have no clue who to vote for but this is the one that struck my eye the first time I read through the list. So I am going with it : 7 — Rousing Sermon / Hollendorfer / Lezcano

    Kelly 😉


    My vote is for 8 — Creative Cause / Harrington / Rosario / 12-1; great post position and odds are looking good!!! For those of you who are not in the state this is an extremely fun time in Kentucky!! Our bank has a “Race for the Pansies” which we did this morning at our main office. Each branch comes up with a theme for their horse, pays an entry fee, and the proceeds go to a charity! It is an absolute blast! Happy Derby and GO CREATIVE CAUSE!!!

    Kelly Owsley


    11 — Alpha / McLaughlin / Maragh / 15-1

    Fingers crossed!


    Creative Cause / Harrington / Rosario / 12-1.
    I also like 20 — Liasion / Baffert / Garcia / 50-1
    11 — Alpha / McLaughlin / Maragh / 15-1

    This year we are having a “Derby Hat Contest” and “Derby” Pie Silent Auction to benefit Relay for Life. Employees made derby hats which are voted on by a donation to Relay, and the winner will recieve gift card. We have some real creative hats and have had a lot of fun with this.

    “Derby” pie auction: A silent auction will take place on Friday for pies made by employees. All proceeds from this will also go to Relay. We had a cake auction recently on a board meeting day and a couple of our directors got into a bidding war for a cake. The winning bid was $125.


    I’m going with Union Rags. He looks like a big strong colt.


    Bob Baffert’s horses usually do well – I’m going with the front-runner #6 – Bodemeister. He’s already won a million in Arkansas derby. Only 4 races but 2 wins and 2 seconds. And a name like “Bodemeister” sounds unforgettable.


    The favorite never wins the Derby and doesn’t pay well anyway so Bodemeister is out for me. I wanted to stay in the 8 to 1 to 12 -1 range and Creative Cause and I’ll Have Another are both 12 to 1. I like the post position for Creative Cause better so I will cast my pick on #8 Creative Cause and hope that’s a WINNER!


    My picks are….Daddy Nose Best and Done Talking. 😉


    14 — Hansen / Maker / Dominguez / 10-1


    My vote is for


    Here’s hoping 🙂


    As Glenn pointed out, favorites rarely win the Derby, but then the really long shots don’t do so well either. But I am going with a 50-1 shot – Done Talking. While the horse is unlikely to win, if he does win each $2 bet would be worth approximately $110 to $120.

    Remember, Amy will tally up all of the votes early tomorrow morning. The horse with the most votes will be bet on behalf of the whole group. Amy will make one $80 win bet ($2 for each member) on that horse.

    Don’t miss, or log on late for, tomorrow’s meeting. Amy will be modeling her outfit, including her hat.


    I had to google the race to find out who is running. It’s not as popular a thing where I live. I know nothing about it but will go with the favorite. It was named after his son and I think I saw where it won a race recently by about 9 lengths. So Bodemeister it is!


    We decided on Bodemeister. Glad to hear Amy will be modeling her outfit – then we will know whom to look for on Saturday (beside my son) — which will be like finding a needle in a haystack.


    1 — Daddy Long Legs / O’Brien / O’Donoghue / 30-1
    I have to go with the Irish!

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