Adverse Action – Multiple Applicants

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    Calipari Guy

    I have a difference of opinion with the way things are done where I am now and my understanding of the way they should be done and the way I did them where I used to hang my hat.

    We’re all square on when you provide multiple AA notices.

    However – I always believed that if John Doe had different denial reasons than Jane Doe, that their respective AA notices should indicate such (for example, if John has delinquency and Jane has collections John’s reason should be “delinquency” only and Jane’s reason should be “collections” only).

    I was taught that the AA notice is used to inform an applicant as to what they need to improve to qualify for credit – thus my train of thought.

    I’ve been told that the “current logic” is that the denial reason should tell them why the application was denied – regardless of whether or not the reasons apply to them personally.

    So, which way is correct?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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