Ability to Repay options for QM Rebuttable Presumption Loans

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    I attended Jack’s “The Future of Mortgage Lending” seminar and need help understand the 7 options available to verify the consumer’s Ability to Repay. I believe Jack said that 5 of these options are QMs (1.General QM; 2. Special QM-Interim Rules thru 1-10-21; 3. Small Creditor Portfolio loans; 4. Temporary Balloon-Payment QMs for small creditors; and 5. Balloon-Payment QM for small rural or underserved area creditors). I’m unclear how the other 2 options (1. Refinance of a Non-Standard Mortgage; and 2. The 8 factors) are categorized. Do these 2 options have a rebuttable presumption of compliance?


    The presumption of compliance and rebuttable presumption of compliance apply only to the QM options.

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