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May 8, 2024



Managing a compliance exam is a nerve-wracking experience, no matter the size of your institution or your supervisory agency.  Examiners are coming to evaluate your compliance performance, and preparing for their arrival (and how to deal with them on-site) is no small feat.

The fact is, you should *always* be preparing for your next exam. In this session, we’ll discuss how to adopt an exam-preparedness mindset so you can meet examiner expectations and be able to accommodate the next “hot issue” your supervisory agency is looking at.

Rebekah Leonard is the current Director of Compliance for a $6 Billion bank that recently went through an FDIC Compliance Exam.  In her words, “It was incredibly intense!” This was Rebekah’s 7th compliance exam, so she has the experience and wisdom to share in how to make an exam the best it can be.

In this session, she’ll go over the risk-based exam process, including:

  • The 4 Foundational Principles of the Interagency Rating System
  • The 3 Categories of a Compliance Management System
  •  The 4 considerations in determining violations and consumer harm
  • The 3 levels of violations; and
  • The 5-Level Rating Scale

This session will also address the crucial importance of Third-Party relationship oversight for exams, what things are weighted more heavily in an exam, good exam management techniques, and recent lessons learned.

Reminder: Your registration includes a playback of the session, which is available after the session concludes. 



Rebekah Leonard

Rebekah is the owner of Elucidate LLC, a compliance training and consulting company.  Elucidate means to “make clear, explain, throw light upon”, and describes Rebekah’s desire to illuminate the complexities of compliance with passion and fun.  She’s created and produced a TRID music video parody and several Compliance Breakout escape rooms, which she frequently provides at state banking compliance conferences.  She is an accomplished speaker and regularly provides webinars through BOL and Compliance Resource. Rebekah is currently serving as the VP Director of Compliance for a $6 Billion community bank in Montana.  She began her career in 1995 at a private lending company, but soon settled into banking, where she’s covered nearly all of it – customer service and teller work, loan processing and review, and security and business continuity.  She now oversees CRA, BSA and all aspects of compliance as a senior leader.  She has successfully navigated numerous FDIC Compliance, CRA, and BSA Exams.  Rebekah has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University (Magna cum Laude), attended the American Bankers Association National Compliance School in 2003, and has held her Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager designation since 2006.  She is a BOL Compliance Guru.

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May 8, 2024

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