Day 3 – ABA RCC

Another day of too much to choose from and deciding where to go. It has been a challenge to pick classes lots of good topics to choose from this year. Focus today seemed to be on the compliance officer and compliance teams in general. Couple of key takeaways from today:

  1. Communication
    • There can never be too much outreach and communicating often is necessary. However, communicating with a purpose and the right medium is important. What exactly does that mean:
      • The right medium – you need to make sure you know how the person you are communicating with best receives information. Being nimble and flexible is the key to your success. Just because you prefer an email, to CYA yourself. Does not mean that is best way to reach out to your audience. They may want a phone call, a meeting, a Microsoft Teams call.
      • With a purpose – Do not be a Chicken Little always saying the sky is falling. You also do not want to be the person who does not share information timely. No secrets, no surprises should be part of your mission statement. Whether you are talking to regulators, management, or business unit leaders.


  1. Proper Training it is instrumental to a successful program. For understanding, implementing, and maintaining a good program. Nothing we have not heard before. BUT how are you doing it? Is it still just a check the box exercise? Or has it evolved to being relevant? Do you use a mix of delivery methods?
    • Relevant – Do not just train to train. Do not make them sit through training they do not need. Get creative to hold their attention. In a 2019 study the adult attention span was eight seconds. Can you imagine what it since COVID? Mixing it up is your best bet; online, webinars, face-to-face. Even a short topic email is effective.
    • Delivery – Are you still just assigning the same online courses that you always have? If so, that is no longer okay. Any issues identified in an examination are going to be tied back to your training program.
  2. Robust Governance is a MUST!
    • A top-down approach has never been more important. However, it cannot be just on paper. Everyone has a part to play, and they need to play it. Transparency is key.
    • Do not bite off more than you can chew.
      • Right size programs.
      • Make sure you understand strategic and compliance risks not only in current assessment and retails areas but before the institution moves into new markets.
      • Focus on the positives as well as the negatives. Be able to tell your story. The whole story.
    • Financial institutions are always trying to do the right thing –
      • Look at your products and services through a new lens. Are they best for your customer? Just because you reviewed your disclosures in October, it may be time to pull it back up and look at it through their eyes and not “compliance or legal” eyes.
      • The way we have always done it No longer works.
      • Everything needs to be clearly and concisely written. In a language and manner, they understand.
      • Never assume you have an educated consumer.
      • Give them the information they need to know up front. Do not bury the lead!



It was a great three days of seeing peers face again and listening to great sessions. I really enjoyed all the conversations, energy, and meeting new colleges. Looking forward to next year in San Antonio!


-Kimberly Boatwright

EVP and Director of Risk and Compliance