Compliance Masters Group Preview Session – St Petersburg, FL

The Compliance Masters Group (CMG) recently celebrated its eight anniversary of assisting financial institutions in building and maintaining outstanding compliance management systems. The CMG provides all of the resources a financial institution needs for a strong compliance program – training, policies and procedures, news updates, answers to questions, and numerous other tools

  • No charge. One hour session. Includes a review of the CR Website and an explanation of CMG costs and benefits.
  • Those who attend the preview session (live or on-line) receive a 33% discount on either or both of our Lending Compliance Update and Scrubbing and Submitting 2019 HMDA Data seminars/webinars (up to a $339.90 value). The discount will be issued in the form of a refund check following the program. For those who join the Compliance Masters Group, as an alternative to the refund check, an amount equal to twice the discount (up to a $679.80 value) will be applied to the first CMG invoice.

Have you mastered the thousands of pages of regulations? Are you prepared to master upcoming changes. Have you developed new and revised existing policies and procedures? Have you trained your staff, your board of directors and senior management? Are you prepared to take action on even more new regulatory requirements? Are you facing this massive task alone?

Together we will master the compliance issues of the new rules resulting from the HMDA, TRID and other laws as well as existing rules and regulations. Together we will master these compliance issues.

Come see what has made members say, “We couldn’t afford to hire someone to do everything the Compliance Masters Group does for us.”  To learn more about the Compliance Masters Group click here.

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