ABA RCC – Day 4 – June 13

Orlando, FL
It is regulator day in Orlando. The general session involved all of the regulatory agencies on a panel. The topic was The Continuing Changing Face of Compliance Oversight. It was a very sweet session. All of the regulators said the right things but didn’t provide any significant insight into the regulatory process.
Breakout sessions were available for banks to listen to their regulators answer presubmitted, preselected answers. The final general session was entitled Getting to Know the CFPB.
The 26th Annual Regulatory Compliance Conference was a worthwhile effort. The days are impossibly long. A ton of information is provided. All of the presenters were knowledgeable, but most do not have strong presentation skills. There were exceptions, a few speakers, such as David Dickinson and Jim Bedsole, possess outstanding presentation skills.
Next year the RCC will be held in Chicago. There will be an unmanageable amount of new information to review at that time.