Over 1,800 bankers, consultants and vendors have gathered for the annual Regulatory Compliance Conference (RCC) at the Dolphin Hotel at Disney World in Orlando for the event from June 11 – 14, 2017. This the largest gathering of compliance professionals in the nation.
The RCC literally has more sessions than an individual can possibly attend. Interesting session titles include:

  • Are You in Alignment? Fortifying Your Compliance Management Ecosystem for Success Through the Three Lines of Defense
  • Don’t Flat Line! The Right Compliance Indicators to Sustain Success (and CMS Health!)
  • Navigating the Intersection of the 2nd and 3rd Lines of Defense
  • This is Not Your Grandmother’s Redlining Review
  • An Outsider’s Inside View
  • Root Cause Analysis Isn’t as Painful as a Root Canal
  • What to Tell Your CEO When You Return Home

The RCC has a few growing pains. The conference facility is gigantic, but on Sunday afternoon planners failed to consider the impact of dumping 1,800 individuals into the complex to find lunch at the same time. The dedicated students were frustrated at not being to make the next sessions on time. The ABA is doing a better job of selecting appropriate sized rooms for the more popular sessions.