Unauthorized Transactions – Reg E vs. Nacha Operating Rules Webinar Recording


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Navigating proper procedures for unauthorized transactions can be confusing. In this 90-minute on-demand session, we’ll take a closer look at Regulation E, and the Nacha Operating Rules, so you have a clear understanding of what to do when dealing with unauthorized transactions.

In addition to defining the limits of liability, this session examines real-life scenarios to help illustrate how to process unauthorized returns and goes into detail on:

  • Timeframes for consumer when reporting errors to the financial institution.
  • Consumer liability and responsibility for unauthorized transactions.
  • Financial Institution liability and responsibility when handling errors to consumer accounts.
  • What is covered by Regulation E and what isn’t.
  • Details on “What is an Error” in Reg E and the Nacha Operating Rules.
  • The Error Resolution Process, with an emphasis on timeframes.
  • The proper process when returning unauthorized transactions in the ACH network, including when to use R10 vs. R11 (due to recent Rules changes).


This recording has been designed for risk, compliance, and audit personnel, in addition to bank operations staff, managers, and payment professionals. It may also be useful for senior leadership and those new to working in the payments industry.