Third-Party Risk: What EVERY Bank Can Learn From Fintech-Bank Enforcement Orders Webinar Recording




The slides and recording access document will be available for download immediately via email upon purchase.

“We don’t do fintech, so we don’t need to worry” might be your reaction to seeing the multiple enforcement orders so far in 2024 at banks with fintech partnerships. What was once a lucrative line of business for many has become a major pain point! But have you considered that buried in these orders are excellent insights on how to manage any kind of third-party risk?  Purchase this on-demand session for 60 minutes of mining these orders to learn what your bank – and every bank, even those without fintech partners  – can glean from the regulatory documents.

After viewing this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand which focal points got the most regulator attention
  • Identify  any “hidden” program gaps in your own organization
  • Develop a briefing and action plan for your Board and executive teams
  • Enhance your programs to ensure they pass muster with examiners
  • Help your teams and your institution manage third-party risk more effectively

Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn from the challenges others have faced. Armed with this knowledge, your institution can better avoid problems before they begin.

This on-demand session may be most beneficial for Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, Vendor Management Officers and anyone involved in third-party risk management.