The 1071 Preparedness Bundle (Training + Downloads)


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The 1071 Preparedness Bundle is a limited time offer that bundles together three webinars to assist you in preparing your institution, from top to bottom, for the massive changes that come with one of the most significant regulatory updates in recent history.  The bundle offers you a discount of $123 off the total cost of these three webinars.

This bundle includes 3 webinars AND three useful tools in preparing for the changes!
Included in the bundle:

Updated: Section 1071 – 5 Critical Steps Needed Now (Recorded on 1/31/23.)

In response to the CFPB’s recent announcement that Section 1071’s final ruling will be announced in January, we’re now offering an updated version of our popular Section 1071 – 5 Critical Steps Needed Now webinar!

You will gain a thorough understanding of how changes to Section 1071 will impact your institution and how you can begin preparing for the most significant regulatory updates in recent history.  For more details click here.

How to Conduct a 1071 GAP Analysis and Create a Plan for Compliance Webinar Recording (Recorded on 6/17/23)

This one-hour recording outlines the components of, and how to conduct, a Gap Analysis for Section 1071. The objective of the recording is to help attendees more fully understand the 21 new reporting requirements and what that means for the institution.

Together, we’ll dive into the proposed requirements, analyze what elements may already be a part of your lending program, and how to strengthen areas that may be deficient. For more details click here.

Section 1071 Frontline Bootcamp: What your “Frontline” Needs to Know Now! Webinar Recording (Recorded on 7/18/23)

This one-hour recording focuses on preparing your institution’s “front line,” including commercial loan officers, with a solid understanding of the Section 1071 and how it will impact current processes, your organization, and their jobs.

The CFPB’s new “HMDA-like” proposal includes the collection of 21 new data fields designed to allow regulators to analyze all small business lending for possible fair lending issues. Collection, validation, and annual transmission to the government of race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, and other information will be required.

Your regulator will be looking for lending disparity in small business lending and it is more important than ever to ensure your front line is prepared!

For many institutions, business lending is a manual process that requires gathering of documents, creation of spreadsheets, printing, filing loan documents, reviewing financials, etc. Even if the new data fields are being collected through automation, the data is not often in a readily accessible format. 1071, and the collection of these new 21 data fields, will forever change this process and present problems for most lenders. Join us DATE & TIME and learn to prepare effectively and address these changes. For more details click here.

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