NEW Reclamation Processes w/ ACH Federal Reclamations plus Guidance on Misdirection Payments and DNEs Webinar Recording


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Processing ACH Reclamations from the Federal Government is a challenge. And, as you’re probably aware, Chapter 5 of the Green Book (the federal government’s manual for handling government payments) was recently revised and changed the way financial institutions are required to respond to Notices of Reclamation.

Join us to uncover the proper procedures for handling DNEs and ACH government reclamations, including how to submit via the Treasury’s portal, and ensure you understand these new requirements.

In this 90-minute on-demand session we’ll discuss:

  • Updates to the Green Book and new mandates for reclamation submissions through the Automated Reclamation Processing System (ARPS).
  • Which federal payments are subject to reclamation.
  • How to use the portal to respond to a Notice of Reclamation.
  • Correct procedures for handling Death Notification Entries (DNEs).
  • A Side-by-side comparison of how to handle Commercial vs. Government Reclamations.
  • Timeframes and procedures for returning ACH entries for deceased accountholders.
  • Your institution’s liability for Notices of Reclamation, supported by real-world examples.


This on-demand session has been designed for risk, compliance, and audit personnel, in addition to bank operations staff, managers, and payment professionals. It may also be useful for senior leadership and those new to working in the payments industry.