Marketing & Compliance: Managing a Winning Partnership Webinar Recording


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Marketing and compliance people have different viewpoints on advertising programs, but it IS possible to develop a compliance management program that is effective and productive.  Recognizing the strength each side brings to the party is crucial to building a mutually respectful, powerhouse partnership.

Don’t wait to improve your relationship with colleagues who, like you, desire to achieve success in their discipline.  There IS common ground to be found, to the benefit of everyone and delight of your bank management.

Tune into this on-demand session to learn key components of a robust, meaningful and lasting marketing/compliance partnership!

After participating in this program, you’ll come away understanding:

  • Relationship builder: Being approachable, credible, and reliable
  • Relationship builder: Being respectful, helpful, and timely
  • Relationship builder: Professionalism is not passive-aggressive
  • Relationship builder: Show appreciation, genuinely
  • Relationship builder: Allow people to Save Face
  • Relationship builder: The power of humility and humor
  • FDIC Membership Advertising rules and Request for Information
  • The “Not, Not, Not, May” rules
  • Hybrid advertising between bank products and non-deposit products
  • Truth in Lending rules
  • Feeling Triggered yet?
  • Equal Housing rules
  • Fair Lending dangers
  • SAFE Act rules for NMLS usage
  • Joint Advertising and RESPA
  • Truth in Savings rules
  • UDAAP, always!
  • Not so lucky in lotteries
  • The final say – Marketing or Compliance?


Bank professionals face an evolving advertising landscape.  There are new modes of interaction, new media platforms, changing (or not!) regulatory perspectives, and new players (hello FinTech!) creating a perfect storm for conflict.  Community institutions must rise to the challenge to stay competitive, relevant and nimble.

A multitude of advertising rules have been around a long time, but are they still appropriate?  The pressure is on to take a fresh look at rules’ interpretations and applications.  In 2021 the FDIC solicited information on modernizing their advertising rules.  What is to come of it?

On top of it all, consumers have low / no attention spans and will quickly pass on ads that are “TLTR” (too long to read).  No wonder marketers are pushing the envelope more than ever before!  The “same old same old” doesn’t cut it anymore.  How can potentially outdated  rules be applied to this ever-evolving landscape?

This on-demand session offers helpful advice on fostering a strong relationship with marketing staff – rooted in credibility, communication, collaboration and consistency.  You will also receive a review of the full plate of various advertising rules covering deposit, operational, and lending rules.  Pitfalls and pratfalls of social media and digital marketing will be highlighted too, with current and pertinent examples from the front line.


This session has been carefully crafted for compliance officers, marketing professionals, auditors, and bank managers.