Fair Lending Compliance – 4 Part Series Webinar Recordings


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Every regulator, including the NCUA, is hyper-focused on fair lending and with so many elements of the process affecting lending discrimination, it is critical to be on-top of your institution’s fair lending compliance.

In this series of four sessions (5 hours of training), you’ll learn to navigate the complexities of creating and implementing a successful fair lending program.

  • Session 1: Fair Lending Compliance Programs
    In this session, you’ll gain a more complete understanding of what a fair lending compliance program is and what the most important elements are for your institution.
  • Session 2: The Foundations of your Fair Lending Program
    This session examines the fundamental elements of a fair lending program and how appropriate management of those key areas can mitigate fair lending risks.
  • Session 3: Testing, Monitoring, and Audits
    The third session in this series provides practical approaches to ensuring compliance is embedded in your everyday processes.
  • Session 4: Corrective Action and Oversight
    The final session explores the importance of corrective action and focuses on how to use the issues and challenges you may uncover to enhance and grow your fair lending program.


With increased regulatory scrutiny post-pandemic and issues with equitable access to credit in the news weekly, it is more important than ever to prioritize fair lending compliance.

This four-part series covers everything from the building blocks of a strong fair lending program to best practices for corrective actions. You’ll come away with the tools you need to proactively maintain compliance and identify areas for improvement within your institution’s lending process.

Join us to:

  • Avoid costly fair lending violation fines
  • Gain step-by-step best practices for creating, implementing, and maintaining an effective fair lending program
  • Proactively address the increased regulatory scrutiny post-pandemic
  • Take a closer look at recent fair lending and redlining cases to ensure your institution isn’t making similar mistakes
  • Identify potential problem areas within your lending process
  • Discover key corrective measures and how you can build a lending program that works for today and tomorrow