Developing the Next Generation of Compliance Officers Webinar Recording




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Developing the Next Generation of Compliance Officers, will equip you with specific steps you can take to identify, attract, and retain talented compliance professionals.

During this on-demand session, you’ll …

  • Learn how to transmit the benefits of a career in compliance to members of your organization and job seekers.
  • Identify the skills most needed for a successful career in compliance and uncover how to foster those skills in future leaders.
  • Uncover ways to provide growth and career opportunities for members of the compliance team.
  • Gain practical tips for coaching current (or future) members of your team.

As more and more senior leaders head into retirement age, there is a huge career growth opportunity for millennials and young future leaders. Your challenge is attracting and retaining that talent by fostering the skills that will help them achieve a successful career in compliance and navigate the ever-changing compliance landscape. Through practical tips, this session will give you the tools you need to develop the next generation of compliance leaders.


This on-demand program has been designed for compliance leaders and management, as well as retail leaders.