Considering Cannabis? What Compliance Departments Need to Know Webinar Recording


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Is your financial institution considering entering the cannabis banking business? Tune into the two-hour webinar to cut through the (ahem) haze of cannabis banking to gain clarity and insight on the biggest issues you’ll face from a compliance perspective.

In this recording we dive into:
• What exactly is included in the cannabis banking discussion, including the differences between Marijuana, hemp, and CBD from a banking perspective.
• What is required for compliance at the federal, state, and local levels.
• How your board, management, employees, and customers may react to your bank’s involvement in the cannabis industry.
• How to cannabis banking may impact the way your institution handles cash from an AML perspective.
• Special considerations for CTRs and SARs.
• How to manage cannabis customers and work through the challenges they come with.
• The surprising compliance traps when it comes to debit/ATM cards and cannabis.
• The costs of cannabis banking for your institution, which may be more than just monetary.
• How to apply proper procedures from risk assessments to transparency and daily oversight.

Most of the current cannabis compliance webinars are produced or written by cannabis banking vendors. They may offer some helpful information, but they are also infomercials presenting a solution they can provide. This session, on the other hand, has been designed to cover the concerns of an overwhelmed compliance officer who just wants the scoop on this complicated and controversial topic. This recording will get right to the BSA and Compliance issues you don’t even know you needed to know.