Building a Safe & Sound Real Estate Program Webinar Recording


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This recording focuses on real estate valuation and portfolio monitoring and contains information relevant to those who manage or are involved with real estate valuation.  A reference manual will be included.  The instructor is a certified appraiser with extensive experience in ordering and reviewing appraisals, preparing real estate policies and procedures, and very broad knowledge of regulatory guidelines.


We discuss the key points that financial institutions need to be aware of relating to their real estate valuation program and portfolio to ensure they are operating in compliance with regulatory requirements.  Discussions will include several suggestions to consider in preparation of regulatory safety and soundness examinations.


  • Written Policies and Procedures – Are your current documents up to date? A discussion of things to look for and add or revise in your current Appraisal Policy
  • Appraisal Bias – A discussion of items to look for in the valuation report and suggestions for institutions to consider implementing as part of their fair lending requirements
  • Reconsiderations – How to handle and document appraisal reconsiderations as well as what to do if a second appraisal is ordered
  • Minimum Appraisal Standards – A discussion of the minimum requirements of an appraisal for compliance with Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines (the Guidelines)
  • 1-4 Family RE Valuation – A discussion of items to consider when engaging the appraiser and what to look for in the final report for safe and sound practices
  • Commercial RE Valuation – A discussion of items to consider when engaging the appraiser and what to look for in the final report for safe and sound practices; this includes different property and occupancy types
  • Third-Party Vendors – How to document vendor lists and qualifications
  • Ongoing Collateral Monitoring – A discussion of what the Guidelines say about the lending institution’s responsibilities behind collateral monitoring and suggestions on how to document support
  • Out-of-Area Transactions – A discussion of additional considerations that should be given to these transactions


This recording is designed for members of the institution who are involved with real estate valuation policies and procedures/compliance, as well as other members that will rely on appraisals will be interested in attending this program.  In addition to any appraisal department member, this may include credit officers, loan officers, credit analysts, loan review officers, credit administration supervisors, and loan assistants.

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