Regulation E and Visa/MasterCard Rules for Debit Cards

January 12, 2021



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The Electronic Funds Transfer Act and the implementation of the Act’s requirements in Regulation E were originally penned in 1978. Debit cards, the internet, and mobile apps, did not exit. Technology has evolved, but the regulatory language has not kept pace. As the methods of accessing consumer accounts multiply, the variety of error claims under Reg E similarly continue to grow. Combine Reg E protections for the consumer with Visa/Mastercard protections for the merchant and we create a recipe for significant compliance and financial risk.

Regulation E requires that we investigate electronic funds transfer error claims, but institutions struggle with the definition of an error. Customer perception is that anything that goes wrong with a debit card transaction is the bank’s problem. Visa/Mastercard may require more information to use the chargeback process to investigate a claim than Reg E requires from the consumer to notify us of an error. Confusion over conflicting requirements can lead to violations, enforcement actions and fines.

In this information packed program, join Brian Crow for a comparison between Reg E and Visa/Mastercard rules, a discussion of recent enforcement, and sample investigations. The attendee will gain a better understanding of Reg E’s applicability, the investigation process and investigation techniques when there are no chargeback rights.


  • Reg E error definitions and coverage;
  • Reg E liability calculations;
  • Provisional credit requirements;
  • Third party service providers;
  • Debit cards and mobile applications;
  • VISA/Mastercard Zero Liability;
  • Reg E investigation tips;
  • VISA/Mastercard chargeback rights;
  • Reg E and UDAAP enforcement actions;
  • Business debit cards; and
  • Case studies


This program is designed for operations staff responsible for investigating claims and compliance and audit staff who monitor error resolution

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Register by November 20th and take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing!

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Brian Crow

Brian Crow, CAMS is Managing Partner & Co-President at Thomas Compliance Associates, Inc. in Oak Brook, IL.

Brian’s passion for and skill in protecting bank assets from fraud and compliance losses have earned him the nickname “Security Evangelist.” In addition to developing and guiding the strategic vision for TCA, Brian delivers focused educational support to clients and helps them manage TCA’s suite of consulting, audit, and training services. He is a nationally recognized expert on BSA/AML and deposit compliance and is a regular speaker at compliance conferences and webinars for several state banking associations.

“Bach to Spock” could characterize his interests outside work. Music has been a lifelong passion, and Brian is the organist and handbell director for King of Glory Lutheran Church in Elgin, Illinois. And as a devoted Trekkie, he can hold his own with anyone in a Star Trek trivia match.

CONTACT: You may contact Brian via email at

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January 12, 2021

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