I Was “Voluntold” into the Role of Compliance Officer. Now What? – Part 1

October 19, 2022



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Voluntold (verb): When volunteering isn’t so voluntary after all. The act of being volunteered for something, usually a difficult or challenging task.
Coworker 1: “I hear you’re our new compliance officer!”
Coworker 2: “Yeah, I was voluntold last week. That’s the last time Starbucks makes me late for a meeting.”

Successful risk and compliance management in the face of new and ever-changing regulation requires an effective Compliance Management System (CMS).

In this series of three one-hour sessions we’ll dive into building and maintaining a strong, effective CMS program for today and tomorrow.

Session One – October 19th: Compliance Management Systems 101 (Purchase individually below)

A Compliance Management System is how an institution establishes and communicates compliance responsibilities to its employees, ensuring operations are carried out compliantly and that appropriate corrective action can be taken as needed. In this session, we’ll cover the most salient aspects of a CMS and how the appropriate implementation of a CMS can embed compliance into day-to-day operations. You’ll come away knowing exactly how a CMS operates, if your FI has an effective one, and how to optimize it.

Session Two – October 26th: Compliance Culture and Governance (Click here to purchase individually)

In part two, we’ll dive into creating a culture of compliance within your FI. You’ll learn how to effectively break down silos across departments and with special attention paid to setting strong, open lines of communication, you’ll discover how to identify and foster compliance champions within your organization.

Session Three – November 2nd: Key Pillars of effective Compliance Management Systems (Click here to purchase individually)

A well planned, implemented, and maintained CMS can help prevent or reduce regulatory violations, protect consumers from non-compliance, and align business strategies with outcomes. The last session in this series focuses on the key pillars of a CMS: policies and procedures, training, testing and monitoring, consumer compliant response, and third-party management. You’ll come away with actionable, practical insights for the ongoing success of your CMS.


In the last 18 months, over 60% of all enforcement actions have referenced governance and CMS issues.

New and ever-evolving regulations coupled with changes wrought by the pandemic have dramatically impacted today’s compliance professional. In order to respond appropriately and mitigate risk, a strong and effective CMS program is critical. This three-part series covers everything from foundational CMS best practices to creating a culture of compliance and the ongoing efficacy of your institution’s CMS.

Join us to:

  • Learn how a CMS should operate and can safeguard against common compliance pitfalls
  • Gauge the strength of your organization’s current CMS program and learn to shore-up weaker areas in it
  • Integrate your CMS into the overall framework of your organization across entire product and service lifecycles
  • Gain best practices and review key responsibilities for meeting and carrying out federal and state requirements
  • Unlock constructive communication strategies to enhance accountability and break down silos across departments
  • Come away with practical and applicable tips for the continued efficacy of your CMS

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Kimberly Boatwright

Kimberly Boatwright is EVP and Director of Risk and Compliance at Compliance Resource, LLC and has more than a two decades of experience working in the financial services industry. Ms. Boatwright is a well-regarded financial industry risk and compliance professional with a strong background in program development and implementation. She is a thought leader who specializes in Fair Lending, Anti-Money Laundering, OFAC and consumer compliance. During her career she has worked for and consulted with all types of financial institutions helping to establish and evolve compliance and risk programs. She is a frequent public speaker, trainer, and author on compliance and risk management topics. Kimberly is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.

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October 19, 2022

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