Rules and regulations applicable to financial institutions have experienced unprecedented change and expansion in recent years, which has drastically increased the compliance burden on financial institutions. These changes have resulted in challenges for all institutions, especially community-based financial institutions that often have limited staff and resources.

Compliance Resource, LLC serves financial institutions of all sizes and understands the cumbersome compliance environment imposed on the financial industry. Our goal is to make compliance achievable and attainable for all institutions. With our knowledge of banking regulations, our experience with regulatory expectations, and our understanding of the necessary tools for a successful compliance management system, we can effectively and efficiently ease the compliance burden on financial institutions. Through our Resources bankers can access necessary training, effective tools, industry information, important dates, and answers to the toughest compliance questions.

Our Resources page is the hub of our hands-on information, providing you with: 1) Information about our Compliance Masters Group, where compliance professionals meet bi-weekly to learn and exchange ideas and tools; 2) Access to our training calendar and upcoming seminars and webinars; and 3) Our Ultimate Compliance Resource page where you’ll find regulations, enforcement actions, maximum civil money penalty charts, important dates, and much more.

We invite you to explore our Resources, as well as our News and Forum, and let us help you stay educated, informed, and in compliance.