Re: UDAAP Discussion Thread


I have my first UDAAP Alliance meeting on the calendar to occur next Thursday, the 23rd. My Alliance group is made up of the marketing department (3 members), a customer service representative, a loan officer, a collection supervisor, two audit assistants, and an HR representative. The goal is to allow each of those individuals/depts. review the checklists that Jack provided to us and tweek them to fit the needs of our bank. Once the worksheets are reviewed, we will then use those to review our existing products and services. In addition the worksheets will become part of our procedures to ensure new products/services are reviewed as well. The policy and procedures will be reviewed and tweeked as part of the Alliance and taken to Board for approval by end of March. My goal is to have everything in place and complete by end of April! Just wanted to provide some feedback on how my Alliance group is working and who is a part of it. Thanks!