Re: Settlement Statement Question



I don’t understand why you would be having such are hard time making this determination, after all you just have to look at the Reg, instructions on completing the HUD, HUD issued FAQ’s, and the various issues of the RESPA Round Up (insert sarcasm here). It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if they had everything in one place for us. OK enough, I’m getting of my soap-box now.

I did review all of the aforementioned items and I didn’t find anything that specifically spoke to this particular issue. That being said, the HUD should be accurate and complete and I would guess that the HUD is wrong.

I was looking at the items that are listed on the comparison chart and I don’t see that any of these items would necessarily be effected by the oversight that you mentioned. So that’s a good thing, that should mean no kind of reimbursements or cures to perform. It sounds like the bank took the responsible route to pony up for the miscalculation to payoff the loan. Assuming that this is not a common occurrence, I wouldn’t sweat it. Learn from it, see if there is anything you can put in place to help prevent it from happening again in the future, and move on.

I hope this helps…