Re: New? appraisal rules



The requirement to give a copy of the appraisal of a dwelling took effect on 4.01.2011. Here is a link to where Reg Z was changed:

Now the provision to have to give a copy of the appraisal at least 3 days before closing hasn’t taken place yet. It was first introduced with HVCC; which was renamed to Appraiser Independence Requirements. This is very important at this time if you are selling loans to the secondary market, and if you think you might ever want to sell them, but who knows how long that will be around.

I’m pretty sure that the requirement in Dodd-Frank on the 3 days before closing only applies to High-Risk Mortgages; I’m guessing that means Section 32 & 35 mortgages.

This requirement doesn’t go into effect until 1-21-2013 for Dodd-Frank.