Re: Dodd-Frank Master Group


I have gained a wealth of knowledge participating in this group only a few short months. As busy as everyones schedules are these days it has become much more convenient and cost effective to participate in online/web based training. Unfortunately by doing that you lose the networking opportunities. In participating in this group I believe you gain that networking and even better it is regular; and not once or twice a year.

I think it would be helpful to discuss other topics that are hot buttons (e.g. BSA risk assessments, Compliance Program Management, etc.). I vote for this group to stay intact even after Dodd-Frank. The name of the group “Jack’s Compliance Resource Master Group.”

Jack thank you for taking the initiative to start these group. I especially appreciate all you & Amy do to prepare for these meetings and for the wealth of information and assistance you provide. Thank you for helping us stay on top of things and helping us manage and muddle through the murky waters of Compliance.