Re: CMG – Escrow Risk Assessment – feedback


Thanks for the feedback. I prepared both risk assessments while I was on the road. I use my iPad. Both risk assessments were fine. When I get back to the office I use my desktop computer to put the information in a table format. That is when I screwed up. I set up one risk assessment and then save it. Then I reuse that table, rather than set up a new one, for the second risk assessment. In this case I was setting up the risk assessments the night before and the morning of our meeting last Thursday.

I am just explaining my mistake, not making excuses.

So what is the solution. I am looking at purchasing a new surface tablet for the road. It has full versions of the Office products. That way I can complete projects on the road, rather returning to the office and having a made scramble to get things in the correct format.

I really appreciate that you took the time to help me improve the forms for all of our members.