Re: Accuracy and Integrity Rules


If you are reporting information, it needs to be accurate for loans regardless of their status.

In looking at the Interagency Examination Procedures, bankruptcy is only mentioned once. It is mentioned on page 3.

Exceptions. The direct dispute requirements do not apply to a furnisher if the direct dispute relates to:
1) The consumer’s identifying information such as name(s), date of birth, Social Security number, telephone number(s), or address(es);
2) The identity of past or present employers;
3) Inquiries or requests for a consumer report;
4) Information derived from public records, such as judgments, bankruptcies, liens, and other legal matters (unless the information was provided by a furnisher with an account or other relationship with the consumer);
5) Information related to fraud alerts or active duty alerts; or
6) Information provided to a consumer reporting agency by another furnisher.

I hope this helps.