Reply To: When loan includes funds for improvements


§22.7 Forced placement of flood insurance.
If a bank, or a servicer acting on behalf of the bank, determines at any time during the term of a designated loan that the building or mobile home and any personal property securing the designated loan is not covered by flood insurance or is covered by flood insurance in an amount less than the amount required under §22.3, then the bank or its servicer shall notify the borrower that the borrower should obtain flood insurance, at the borrower’s expense, in an amount at least equal to the amount required under §22.3, for the remaining term of the loan. If the borrower fails to obtain flood insurance within 45 days after notification, then the bank or its servicer shall purchase insurance on the borrower’s behalf. The bank or its servicer may charge the borrower for the cost of premiums and fees incurred in purchasing the insurance.