Reply To: Grants to Faith-based Organizations


A loan, investment or a service receives CRA community development credit is provided if the activity has as it primary purpose:
(1) Affordable housing (including multifamily rental housing) for low- or moderate-income individuals;
(2) Community services targeted to low- or moderate-income individuals;
(3) Activities that promote economic development by financing businesses or farms that meet the size eligibility standards of the Small Business Administration’s Development Company or Small Business Investment Company programs (13 CFR 121.301) or have gross annual revenues of $1 million or less; or
(4) Activities that revitalize or stabilize—
(i) Low-or moderate-income geographies;
(ii) Designated disaster areas; or
(iii) Distressed or underserved nonmetropolitan middle-income geographies designated by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, FDIC, and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, based on—
(A) Rates of poverty, unemployment, and population loss; or
(B) Population size, density, and dispersion. Activities revitalize and stabilize geographies designated based on population size, density, and dispersion if they help to meet essential community needs,
including needs of low- and moderate-income individuals.

Your activity probably qualifies for credit. The fact that the students attend Title 1 schools helps with you case. Examiners probably expect documentation that the majority of the beneficiaries of the program are from low- or moderate-income families.