Overcoming the Challenges of Regulation CC Webinar Recording


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Regulation CC, which deals with funds availability and collection of checks, is a headache. Technology and the way we bank has evolved since this regulation was originally implemented in 1987, and the patchwork of amendments designed to address these changes has resulted in a challenging, even confusing, regulation.  


This two-hour recording addresses Regulation CC in clear, easily digestible way so you’re able to avoid consumer harm, criticism from examiners, and unnecessary risk. You’ll come away with a thorough understanding of: 

  • Subpart A: 
    • Definitions of everything from (a) to (hhh) 
  • Subpart B: 
    • Next-day availability  
    • Availability schedule  
    • Case-by-case holds 
    • Exception holds 
    • New Account holds 
    • Disclosure requirements: what, when, where, and how 
  • Subpart C: 
    • Collection of checks 
    • Electronic checks 
    • Mobile deposits  
    • Responsibilities of paying and returning banks 
  • Subpart D: 
    • Substitute checks  
    • Disclosure requirements under Check 21 
  • Appendices  
    • What is irrelevant and what matters  

“This is relevant material for everyone who touches deposits in your institution.  I’ve worked in banking for nearly 25 years, lived through the challenges of this stuff, and have the scars of victory over trials and errors. I’d love to share my perspective and insight with you, and along the way, I might get just a little irreverent… it is Reg CC after all!” 


The recording is designed for compliance officers, operations officers, teller department managers, tellers, back-room operations staff, and auditors.   

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