Elder Financial Abuse – How to Protect Customers & Loved Ones

October 3, 2023



As the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement, they, along with their predecessors the Silent Generation, are becoming prime targets for financial scams and abuse. There is a growing need for protection against elder financial exploitation and in response, we’ve developed a specialized training program tailored to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and best practices to combat elder financial abuse and scams effectively.

When you join us October 3rd, you’ll come away with a comprehensive understanding of elder financial exploitation and the necessary tools to protect older adults from falling prey to scams. Together we’ll discuss:

  1. Elder financial exploitation – what is it?
    Delve into the definition of elder financial exploitation, its various forms, and the impact it can have on seniors’ lives.
  2. Common schemes and red flags
    Learn more about the most prevalent schemes targeting seniors and identify the red flags that can help identify potential exploitation.
  3. Mandatory Reporting resources
    Review the mandatory reporting requirements for suspected cases of elder financial abuse and learn what steps to take when you suspect an older adult is being taken advantage of financially.
  4. Front line staff tools
    Gain practical strategies to protect seniors who bank with your institution and discuss financial protection tools, such as financial power of attorney and guardianship, to safeguard the assets of older adults.
  5. Operational best practices
    Come away best practices, tools, and guidance you can take back to your institution to protect seniors from financial scams.

This session is designed for compliance officers, BSA officers, trainers, branch managers, lenders, marketing, and bank management.

All webinar registrations include a recording of the session that can be reviewed as needed.


Stephanie Schumacher

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October 3, 2023

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